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Vine for Android coming “soon”


It’s only once every six months or so, maybe even once a year, that we see a really great app break into the mainstream. Much like Instagram, Vine has done just that. Everyone from comedians to electronic music super-duos (I’m looking at you, Daft Punk), have adopted the 6-second video service in a big way. And also much like Instagram, Vine in all of its massive popularity, didn’t start out with an Android app. According to the developers behind Vine, that will be changing soon.

In an interview with The Verge, it was mentioned that Vine for Android is being actively worked on, and is coming “soon.” For those of who have been intrigued by the app, but not enough to dump Android for it, this is great news.

Large companies glazing over Android, and releasing as iOS only at first, has proven to be a relatively smart move. While some would argue the fact that half of Instagram’s users are now on Android means the company missed out in the beginning, some might argue the exact opposite. Launching on iOS only gave the team behind Instagram the option to support a small amount of handsets, and hone their product before expanding overnight to double the user base. And you can’t forget that even though Instagram launched initially just for iOS, Android users still gobbled it up when it was released.

It’s highly unlikely that in the end, Instagram missed out on anything by not supporting Android out of the gate. Someday that won’t be the case, but for now, Vine is in the same situation. The fact does remain that even now, if you do ignore Android, you ignore a huge amount of the market, but expanding to more platforms responsibly is best for everyone. If Vine for Android really does release soon, it looks like Vine may have found the sweet spot with a paced rollout that doesn’t put strain on its developers or the service itself.

Source: The Verge

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