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Straight Talk denies hard cap on “unlimited data”, but fails to disclose when they throttle


Last year I briefly switched to TracFone’s Straight Talk SIM when I cancelled my Verizon contract, but I eventually left the service because of their undefined data policy. Straight Talk SIM offers a no-contract plan for $45 which includes unlimited talk, text, and data, but we all know that “unlimited” is never really “unlimited.” This week Straight Talk went to their blog to try and clear up the confusion.

In a recent blog post by Straight Talk, a company representative said, “You may have heard rumors online that there is a hard cap of 1.5GB for data on Straight Talk.  We want to clear this up for you right away: We are NOT cutting off data at 1.5GB on Straight Talk.”

A quick Google search will return all kinds of wild stories about the amount of data that Straight Talk will allow you to consume. Some people say Straight Talk has a daily limit of 150MB, while others claim their monthly limit is anywhere from 1-4GB. A couple users have reported that their data speeds were throttled after consuming too much data, while other horror stories report that Straight Talk cancelled abusers accounts with no warnings.

Straight Talk says that the rumors about their hard data cap came from their sister brand Net 10 that does have a data limit on their Bring Your Own Phone (BYOP) AT&T-compatible SIMs.

Unfortunately, Straight Talk still failed to address the exact terms of their “unlimited” data plan. We assume that users are throttled after consuming a certain amount of data, but we have no clue how much that is. Most carriers and MVNOs will state how much data you get before being throttled (normally 500MB to 5GB), but Straight Talk has not shared this information.

I once listed Straight Talk as a top choice for no-contract service on Android devices, but it’s hard to recommend them now when we don’t know how much data they provide. Straight Talk also let to users choose between AT&T or T-Mobile’s network, but they stopped selling AT&T SIM’s and we don’t know if they will return.

When it comes to no-contract plans on T-Mobile’s network, there are much better options like T-Mobile’s new Simple Choice plans, or any of the MVNOs that operate on T-Mobile.

If you have experienced any issues with Straight Talk SIM, please share your story in the comments below.

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Source: Straight Talk Blog

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