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Asus Cube with Google TV now available for purchase


Previously announced at CES as the Asus Qube, the new Asus Cube with Google TV is now available from online retailers for $139. We are huge fans of Google TV so we always welcome new hardware OEMs to the platform, but I’m not convinced yet that the Asus Cube is the best device available. Other Google TV devices with similar specs are selling for $99, so we don’t see any major reason for the $40 premium that Asus is charging.

The Asus Cube is definitely one of the coolest looking Google TV boxes we have seen, but this might not be the best time to purchase a Google TV device. The current crop of Google TV boxes (including the Asus Cube) are lacking in the CPU department and the Google TV platform is still based on the older Android 3.2 build.

Google has hinted that there might be some big updates to the Google TV platform coming next month at Google IO, so it might be wise to wait a couple weeks and see what gets announced.

For additional details on the Asus Cube head over to the official site and check out this 20 minute hands-on video.

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