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Did the “Google X” phone with Android 5.0 just make its first appearance?


Don’t get too excited, because these things can be faked, but an uknown device with the name “Google X” just appeared on the AnTuTu benchmark site, as first spotted by Japanese blog Rbmen. The “Google X” device is running Android 5.0.1, with an unknown 1.5 GHz processor, and returned a respectable score of 15479.

We have no way to validate if this is a real benchmark result, but it does raise some interesting points. Early rumors suggested the first “X Phone” would not focus on high-end specs, and said the device would be sold for an extremely low price. An AnTuTu score of 15k is comparable to high-end devices from last year (think GS3 or One X) and it could indicate that this device might sport Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 400 processor that is designed for mainstream phones.

I wouldn’t put too much thought into the final specs of the first “X Phone”, because anything that has been uncovered will probably change. We have previously reported that the “X Phone” brand would spawn an entire family of devices, so this could be the cause of conflicting reports about specific details and specs.

The appearance of Android 5.0.1 is also notable. We know that Google has been working on the next version of Android, codenamed Key Lime Pie, but we don’t know what version number they will assign to it. Rumors and speculation have suggested that Key Lime Pie might become Android 5.0, but it could also end up as Android 4.3 or 4.5. For what it’s worth, we have seen several appearances of Android 5.0.1 in our server logs over the last couple weeks.

Finally, it’s also interesting to see this device labeled as “Google X” instead of “Motorola X.” We have believed that the first “X Phone” would be sold under the Motorola brand, but we also know that this is one of the first devices where Google has had a heavy influence on the design.

Hopefully, more will be revealed at Google IO next month. Some rumors suggest the first “X Phone” and Android 5.0 might have been pushed back till August or later, but we still expect to hear something at Google’s upcoming event.


Is this a real benchmark result? Only time will tell.

Via: Rbmen (Japanese)

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