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HTC One now available for pre-order in AT&T, Sprint, and unlocked versions


For those of you waiting to buy the HTC One, today is the day to get your pre-order in and secure your device. Customers can now reserve the HTC One for carriers AT&T and Sprint, and the unlocked developer edition. All three versions are expected to arrive by April 19th, so you could have yours in just two weeks.

HTC One pre-order programs include:

T-Mobile has also announced that their HTC One is “coming soon”, but we are still waiting on an official release date. Verizon customers will have to wait and see if the rumors are true and they are getting the device a couple months later.

As a reminder, the unlocked developer edition is SIM and bootloader unlocked. It will operate on AT&T’s 2G/3G/4G/LTE network and it will will also work on T-Mobile’s 1900 MHz HSPA+ and AWS LTE networks. HTC has said that the unlocked version will be¬†available in limited quantities to customers with a US Zip Code, so get your pre-order in before they run out.

Finally, don’t forget to take advantage of HTC’s $100 trade in program.

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