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Read this: How iOS is still creating a negative impact on Android

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When iOS was first released, there’s no denying it was a revolutionary product. Since then, in terms of features and flexibility, Android has eclipsed iOS three times over. Yet many Android apps still function at a lower capacity. Despite having a clear advantage in overall market share, iOS leads the pack in mind share. Companies still develop for iOS first, and that can have a negative impact on Android.

Ian G. Clifton, Android developer and Director of User Experience at ARO in Seattle, has taken to his more, “technical” blog, to express his thoughts and ideas on the subject. Despite its popularity, Android still suffers because of iOS’ limitations, and the perception that iOS apps should be the, “golden standard.”

Clifton covers everything from app icons and widgets, to sharing and notifications. He shares personal stories on how iOS apps negatively influence their Android counterparts, and provides a handful of technical details as well. Most Android power-users are well aware of how limited iOS sharing is, and iOS users are well aware that their device’s home screen can turn into a sea of blue icons in no time, but Clifton brings up some interesting and valid points on both subjects in an elegant, easy to understand fashion.

Head on over to the source link, give it a read, and be sure to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Source: A Dash of Mobile Developement

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