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Rumor says Motorola X Phone will “come in over 20 colors”


Rumors of Motorola’s secret “X Phone” project go back to last year, but we only started hearing about details of the first possible device last month. One of our sources said that the X Phone would offer physical customizations that included an endless choice of color combinations, and the ability to select the material of the outer casing. Now Phone Arena reports that an unnamed source told them the choice of colors “may be over 20.”

Phone Arena claims their source said the material of the outer casing might not be an option in the first generation X Phone, but it could be offered in another device later this year. We have previously reported that the “X Phone” brand would spawn an entire family of devices, so this could be the cause of conflicting reports about specific details and specs.

Our original source said the first X Phone was expected to go on sale in June, which was later changed to late July, and now Phone Arena says the first device might not debut till “August or later.


A rumored prototype of the first Motorola X Phone.

Jim Wicks, Motorola’s design chief, told PCMag that the first Google-influenced devices would not appear till the second half of 2013, so we shouldn’t expect anything till after July. Most tech bloggers believe Google might unveil some new Motorola products at Google IO in May, but any delay of the product launch might bump the first “X Phone” device from that event.

Google’s Eric Schmidt says the new set of products from Motorola will be “phenomenal,” but what else is he going to say?

Finally, on the topic of conflicting info, one of our early reports said that the first X Phone would be sold unlocked and available for a number of different carriers. More recent info now suggest the device will have an exclusive launch period on a single carrier, but please keep in mind this is all rumors and speculation until it’s officially announced.

If you could order a smartphone in any color, which color would you pick?

Source: Phone Arena

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