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AT&T prepared to launch All In One prepaid brand this summer


AT&T’s current no-contract offerings are pretty weak, so we were excited to hear that the company could be launching a new prepaid brand this summer. FierceWireless reports that AT&T will begin testing a new prepaid brand called “All In One” this month in Florida and Texas, and if things go well it could see a nationwide rollout on June 15th.

GoPhone is AT&T’s current prepaid brand, but the prices and data caps are not competitive with other no-contract offerings. The most data you can get with a GoPhone plan is only 1GB, and that will cost you $65 per month. (Update: GoPhone offers additional data at $15 per 1GB) AT&T has seen the number of GoPhone subscribers decreasing, so they may just drop the entire brand later this year.

Rumored All In One plans include:

  • $35 for unlimited talk and text and unknown data (feature phone only)
  • $50 for unlimited talk and text and 2GB of HSPA data
  • $70 for unlimited talk and text and 5GB of HSPA data

As you can see the proposed All In One plans are a welcome change for no-contract service on AT&T’s network. The most data I have seen offered on AT&T with no-contract is 2GB, and that is through their MVNO partners. Upping the limit to 5GB would certainly attract a few more customers.

Unfortunately, it does not appear that AT&T’s All In One brand will have access to their speedy LTE network. AT&T customers can still get LTE data without a contract though the Mobile Share plans, but it’s quite expensive compared to T-Mobile.

We are located in Texas, so we will be on the lookout for the All In One pilot program this month. If you see it advertised in your area, please let us know in the comments below.

Source: FierceWireless

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