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Android reaches 900 million activations, with 48 billion app downloads

android activations

Google has kicked off I/O with some stats on Android, sharing just how impressive growth has been for the platform as a whole, and for Google Play, Android’s app store.

As of this year, Android has reached 900 millions activations. That’s up from 100 million Android activations in 2011, and 400 million activations in 2012. Highlighting plans to target growing markets where Android penetration is less than 10%, Android isn’t done by a long-shot. By the end of the year, Android will undoubtedly reach 1 billion activations, further solidifying the little green guy’s position as the world’s most popular operating system.

Google Play also got a moment to shine in the growth stats. If there was any question just how popular Google Play has become, Play’s 48 billion app downloads should speak for themselves.

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