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Samsung set to unveil new Galaxy products June 20 at Premiere 2013

galaxy premiere

Samsung has been assaulting the masses lately with phone release, after tablet release, after phone release, and they aren’t done yet. Coming up on June 20th, just under a month away from now, Samsung will be holding an event dubbed Samsung Premiere 2013, where they’ll be showcasing the latest products in the Galaxy and Ativ lineups.

If you haven’t caught on by now, Samsung’s Galaxy products are those running Android, while Ativ is reserved for Windows products. Which means that come the 20th, some new Android products will be on display. Despite having recently announced the Galaxy S4 and a new 7-inch tablet, there are plenty of Galaxy products Samsung could unveil. At the very top of the rumor list sit the Samsung Galaxy Zoom, a Galaxy Camera follow-up, a new 10-inch tablet, the Galaxy S4 Mini and the Galaxy S4 Active.


If you were hoping to see the Galaxy Note 3, don’t hold your breath. The Note series is Samsung’s big fall release, and there’s no way it will be on display at Premiere 2013. If the teaser image for the event is any indication, it looks like a tablet, camera and laptop are the most likely attendees.

Come the 20th, the event will be livestreamed from Samsung Mobile’s YouTube channel. We’ll be sure to remind you before the even kicks off.

Source: Samsung

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