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The next version of Android, complete with Bluetooth Smart, is coming soon


For those of you who aren’t happy with Google merely updating their core apps, and want to see a completely new version of Android, fear not. According to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group, a new version of Android, which will feature support for low-energy Bluetooth Smart, should be released in the coming months.

In a press email sent out to bloggers shortly after Google I/O’s keynote ended, the Bluetooth Special Interest Group announced that in an upcoming update to Android, support for native Bluetooth Smart functionality would be available for developers to take advantage of. Normally, we might guess that it the update could be to 4.2.3, or some other small, incremental number, but Twitter and Google+ have been buzzing with info that more big Android news is on the horizon.

Other than support for Bluetooth Smart, which is already supported by Apple, Microsoft and BlackBerry, no one knows what will be included in the next version of Android, expected to launch as Android 4.3. We’ll be keeping our ears to the ground for any news on the next big version that might slip out before I/O comes to and end.

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