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Quick-access delete button returns to the Gmail app

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Google recently pushed out a major update to Gmail and people had mixed feelings on the design. But one of the most confusing aspects was the sudden disappearance of the delete button in the quick-access bar. Even I was confused when I went to delete an e-mail for the first couple of times after updating. But customers made their voice heard and in a new update, the Gmail team has brought back the quick-access delete button. This is sure to make the people happy who were really missing their delete button.

The update also brought in the ability to click on sender images to select multiple emails in the conversation list. This is pretty much just a nicer-looking way of implementing the checkboxes from the older Gmail app. Besides that, there were just some bug fixes that came with the update which we won’t say no to. It’s good to see that the Gmail team is indeed listening to users and trying to fix some of the things that they weren’t too happy about in the recent update.

Are you guys happy to have the delete button back?


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