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Reps rank HTC One no. 3 in sales

1 year ago 25

Talking to in-store reps can reveal a lot about what customers want. It may not be the most scientific approach when computing device sales, but it clearly illustrates what the consumers are buying and asking about. R.W. Baird’s William Power talked to reps of each of the four major US carriers to find out what phones were selling the best, and the results aren’t too surprising.

The two top selling phones for all four carriers were the Apple iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy S 4. We didn’t expect anything different, and we’re sure you didn’t either. However, the device that came in third place was a pleasant surprise. At AT&T, T-Mobile and Sprint, it was often mentioned that the HTC One is their third best selling device.

With a recent history of diminished profits and failed products, it’s great to see HTC succeeding. Their newest device is a game changer with the UltraPixel camera and BoomSound front-facing speakers. But making an amazing product doesn’t always help; there’s more to the equation. Their advertising, though still spotty, is getting better. Their ad campaigns are pushy, borderline insulting and have people talking.

Since the HTC One is not available on Verizon, it seems that the RAZR models have been the alternatives to the Galaxy S 4 and iPhone. Fortunately, the HTC One will be coming to Verizon sometime this summer, so HTC might win third place on Verizon, too.

This doesn’t say much about actual sales, because many sales are online. It also doesn’t account for business sales. But in the end, it’s a good way of seeing what the customers want and have been purchasing. What do you think of these results?