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T-Mobile to debut LTE-Advanced features; here’s what that could mean


T-Mobile may have been the last of the Big Four carriers to debut a 4G LTE network, but that isn’t stopping them from moving on to bigger and newer technologies. Since they got into the LTE game so late, they built their network on 3GPP Release 10 specifications, which form the basis for an LTE-Advanced network.

This doesn’t mean T-Mobile is planning to debut an LTE-Advanced network soon, but they did say that they will be rolling out some LTE-Advanced features later this year. What “features” are they talking about?

Some features T-Mobile may have in store could increase  data speeds and improve connectivity.  Some LTE-Advanced features we may see include “carrier aggregation” techniques that bond together two or more separate radio channels to get faster data speeds; two-by-two smart antenna arrays (also known as 2×2 multiple input, multiple output, or MIMO) for faster uplink and downlink; and relay nodes– low-power base stations that provide improved coverage and capacity at the cell edge. They’ll also be upgrading 37,000 of their 52,000 cell sites and focusing on large towers before putting up micro cells to improve capacity.

T-Mobile’s LTE network is quickly growing, and they have some pretty lofty goals for the end of the year. If they can roll out things like carrier aggregation, they would only be making their service better. With their recent “Un-carrier” changes, they’ve been moving forward in an industry that’s been stagnating and relying on big numbers to entice customers. We love where T-Mobile is going. Do you?

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