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OUYA finally hits store shelves, starts selling out fast


The OUYA console started as nothing but a Kickstarter, asking for a steep $950,000. However, it reached that goal in under a day. With a whole month to raise money, the project ended up with over $8.5 million. They had exactly what they needed to deliver what they advertised, and so we waited.

The dev kits were created, and developers received both praise and complaints. There were issues with the controllers, so the OUYA team redid them entirely. They focused on finishing the software, improving it little by little. A single developer worked on the parental lock system, finishing it in time for launch. And then launch day was upon us.

Today is the big day, and at $99.99 per console, it’s time to see if OUYA will actually gain popularity. Unsurprisingly, it is completely sold out at Target. Amazon is “temporarily out of stock.” Best Buy doesn’t have them in most stores in my area. All signs point to great success.

Fortunately, it seems that you can still buy them on the OUYA site (hit the source link for that). Unfortunately, some Kickstarter backers haven’t received their consoles yet. The OUYA team cites shipping issues, It seems that most of those who didn’t get their consoles were international backers, so shipping could indeed be the issue. We hope whatever the hang-up is will be resolved soon.

When you receive a tracking number, you expect it to work immediately, but sometimes these tracking numbers don’t do that. The reason for this is that when the product leaves Hong Kong, the tracking process does not initiate until it arrives for the first scan at your country’s local depot. As a result, you could have a period of up to 10 days within which the product appears in limbo. This, we all agree, is very frustrating.Ken StephensOUYA

We also hope production will be able to keep up with OUYA’s popularity. It’s not easy when you’re a small company and need to produce large amounts of product. But the company seems to be doing a pretty good job, and we’re happy to see the console selling. The cheap, Android-powered, hackable console could change the game market quite a bit, but we’ll have to wait and see how that plays out. For now, we’ll just enjoy ourselves some video games. Did you buy an OUYA?

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