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Samsung announces the mirrorless, DSLR-like Galaxy NX


Samsung’s Premiere 2013 event is going on right now, and they started it off big. They showed off the Samsung Galxy S 4 mini, Galaxy S 4 Active and Galaxy S 4 Zoom. Then we got a short look at the Galaxy NX, the next Galaxy Camera, looking exactly as it did in leaked images. It has a DSLR-like body with Android on its large display. And now, they’ve announced the specs.

The Samsung Galaxy NX is the first interchangeable lens Android camera with 4G LTE. This device will have many lenses available at launch and is compatible with all Samsung NX lenses.

Inside, you’ll find a large 20.3MP APS-C sensor. This is the same sensor size used in most DSLRs, so that’s pretty damn impressive. For the photographers here, you’ll find Samsung’s Hybrid autofocus system, a shutter speed as fast as 1/6000s and a dedicated image signaling processor to get the fastest shooting speeds possible.

For the spec guys, you’ll get a 4.8-inch HD TFT display and a 1.6GHz quad core application processor with Android 4.2.2 out of the box. It’ll have more than 30 smart modes for those who like auto modes and will also have a professional mode for those who want to use it in that capacity.

A price has not been announced yet, but the device is pretty impressive! With DSLR-like functionality, it could appeal to a lot of people. And the fact that it runs Android could make the device a lot more useful than other cameras. The original Galaxy Camera was awesome, but a bit of a disappointment when it came to image quality. This device will most likely fix these issues, but at a higher price point. Would you buy one?

Via: Samsung Tomorrow

Source: Galaxy NX

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