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DroidLanding Verizon Twitter account reactivated; new Droid launch imminent?

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It’s been nearly two years since Verizon’s DroidLanding Twitter account, used to promote new Droid series devices using cheesy robotic language and B-movie quality special effects, has uttered a peep. Today,  June 18, is the day we will remember as the day DroidLanding rose again.

We have absolutely no idea what the DroidLanding Twitter account could be preparing for, but you can bet it will be something big. The tweet doesn’t reveal any details on what Verizon’s working on, but it does assure us that, whatever it is, it’ll be going down in true Droid fashion:

Reactivation protocols initiated ::: Systems nearing operational status ::: Stand by for further instructions...DroidLandingTwitter

Could it be as simple as Verizon giving away some phones for the summer? Is it to announce a new Droid device? If so, from whom? Motorola? HTC? Right now, we have more questions than answers. Feel free to speculate on what Verizon has in the works in the comments below. And remember, Droid does.

Update: Verizon has posted a corresponding video to YouTube and game to the Play Store (D:Com) centering around giant mechs. The video shows the mechs in a number of locations across the U.S. and the game puts you at the helm of one of the mechs in a multiplayer augmented reality battle.

  • Cadman Plaza in Brooklyn
  • Clark Street in Chicago
  • The Pier (Santa Monica?)
  • Moose Junction (Wyoming? Wisconsin?)
  • Douglas Lake in Tennessee

Via: DroidLife

Source: DroidLanding

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