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Peter Chou eyes HTC resurgence: Give us some time and we will stage a comeback


Whether you like the HTC One or not, you have to agree that the phone has had a successful launch. It’s currently available on three of the largest service providers here in the US, with a Verizon launch pegged for sometime this summer. In the past 18 months, HTC has seen its stock price tumble nearly 80 percent as sales and profits decreased and competitors like Samsung stole HTC’s dominant market share in the Android space.

During HTC’s annual shareholder meetings, CEO Peter Chou committed to growing HTC’s market share and reclaiming the company’s position as a global smartphone leader. Heavy research and development efforts mark 2013 as a¬†watershed year for HTC. The company is currently planning a new¬†global marketing strategy in hopes of regaining its crown.

We managed to maintain a 4-percent global smartphone market share last year and we are determined to do our best to expand the percentage to 10 to 15 percent in the future. Give us some time and we will stage a comeback. We will redouble our efforts this year to further enhance our brand recognition and loyalty around the world.Peter ChouHTC

It’s unclear how long it will take for HTC to grow its market share to 15 percent, but it is clear that HTC will continue its push to develop more products like the HTC One. Do you think Peter Chou is being too ambitious by expecting to double or even triple HTC’s current market share?

Source: Focus Taiwan

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