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Samsung Galaxy S 4 LTE-Advanced manual leaked, reveals Snapdragon 800

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Samsung’s plan to make the first smartphone that supports LTE-Advanced is quickly becoming a reality. It was previously stated that the device might release as early as this month in South Korea, but we’ll just have to wait and see. However, we’re excited to where it will lead. The device, a variant of the Galaxy S 4, will support LTE-Advanced connectivity, bringing a huge boost in network speeds. But with no LTE-Advanced live in South Korea, this will push carriers to start rolling out. Russian network Yota is the only one in the world to support LTE; they claim up to 300Mbps theoretical network speeds. LTE-Advanced is capable of even more.

Today, a Japanese blog called rbmen managed to get their hands on the user manual of the device, and it reveals an interesting detail. Many of you asked what processor was inside, assuming that it was made by Qualcomm, and you were right. The manual states that it houses a Qualcomm MSM8974, better known as the Snapdragon 800. This is how Samsung managed to include LTE-Advanced: with a brand new chipset that supports it.

While there wasn’t much of a point buying a device solely for LTE-Advanced capabilities when the network isn’t even live yet, those in South Korea may buy it just for the powerful processor. The Snapragon 800 was recently benchmarked in reference devices, and it looks to be incredibility powerful. Who wouldn’t want a Galaxy S 4 with a processor that destroys current competition? We’d love it. Unfortunately, we may never see this model of the Galaxy S 4 in the United States. Would you like to own one of these beasts?