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iOS 7 gets a UI refresh – proves Android was on the right track

1 year ago 68

If you’ve been hiding out in a cave for the past 24 hours, you probably haven’t heard that Apple unveiled iOS 7 with a brand new UI. For months, rumors have suggested that Jony Ive and his design team were working to flatten iOS and remove every last trace of skeuomorphism. Jony Ive delivered!

While the core of iOS 7 functions like previous iterations, the UI has been completely transformed, removing all the unnecessary chrome, fake wood tones, torn paper edges and felt backgrounds. While I personally feel the new design and features included in iOS 7 will make the platform a lot more compelling, there are some who can’t get over the fact that the new look borrows from Android, Windows Phone, WebOS and even Blackberry. There are a lot of new elements which feel like a complete ripoff of Android, but can we really blame Apple for being inspired by some of the best Android UI elements?

In this day and age, new and unique design is nearly impossible. There are only so many ways you can manipulate pixels and come up with a design which is clean, usable and intuitive. Lets also keep in mind that Android is open. If Apple wanted, they could simply pull out all the graphic elements from Android and incorporate them into iOS. We don’t think that will ever happen, but there’s nothing anyone could do about it if they did.


What’s your take on the newly redesigned iOS 7 and how do you think the Android team will react with its next UI overhaul?