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Falcon Pro finds hidden loophole to allow new users

Falcon Pro

Falcon Pro has easily had the bumpiest road of any third-party Twitter client. After running out of tokens for the app not once but twice, Falcon Pro was pretty much blocked by Twitter. But developer Joaquim Verges simply refuses to give up. Now he’s found a loophole that will continue to allow new users access to the app. There’s a hidden feature within the app that permits tokenless users access to help. Verges isn’t telling how you access this feature, but here’s a pretty big hint: go to the Falcon Pro Beta Testers group on Google+.

In other news, the app has finally run out of tokens for good. Users who still have a token will be able to use the app as normal, provided that they’re running version 2.0.4. If you don’t currently have the app installed on your phone, then just follow this link to download the updated version. We really have to give Verges credit for his determination. This guy just refuses to give up on his app, and he’s done some really interesting stuff to make sure it doesn’t have to die.

With this latest update, what are your thoughts on the whole situation with Falcon Pro?

Via: Android Central

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