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Google’s Maps commercial highlights new app, Detroit

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The new Google Maps Android app shown off at Google I/O 2013 has finally been released. With a brand new user interface, it’s a pretty sweet looking app. Unfortunately, it’s plagued by the one issue that plagues all of Google’s recent large updates: it’s on a staged roll-out, so many people are simply not getting the update yet. You can find the APK and install it over your existing application, but if you don’t want to bother, Google is giving you a taste of the app through a new commercial.

The ad stars a guy exploring Detroit with the help of Google Maps on his Nexus device. I don’t know how they did it, but this ad is simply amazing. For lack of a better word, it rocks. Seriously, give it a watch:

We loved the ad, and Google should definitely keep making them. Not only are they awesome, but they show off the product perfectly. And lucky for us, the product is free! Tell us what you thought of this commercial in the comments.

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