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Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail album now free to download for Samsung Galaxy owners


Update: Time’s up, the first million downloads have happened so the free album is no more.

I’m sure many of you will be sitting around the barbecue sometime in the next few days waiting for the next round of fireworks to be launched skyward. Apologies to those of you not in the U.S. who are less likely to be doing these things over the next few days, but regardless of where you are I do recommend barbecuing and fireworks. But I digress. So while waiting for the next round of food, beverage or fireworks what better way to pass the time than with a free Jay-Z album?

This was my long winded way of telling you that the new Jay-Z album is finally available for free via the Jay-Z Magna Carta app in the Play Store. You may remember that the album will only be free for the first million to download it through the app and the Play Store counter for the app is sitting at the 500,000 to 1 million mark at the moment so time is running out.

The app is only compatible for Samsung Galaxy S4, S III and Note II owners in the U.S. (or those that can convince the Play Store that they meet those requirements) and forces you to authorize through either Twitter or Facebook; so if any or all of those stipulations are a problem don’t worry about hitting the link below.

As we have said previously this an interesting play from Jay-Z as these downloads don’t count toward his Billboard results, although hardly risky given his stature and the fact that Samsung reportedly shelled out around $20-30 million for this exclusive.

Do you think this was money well spent for Samsung?

Update: It took about 10 minutes for the download option to show up for me on the album after the app downloaded. A reader reported that the album wouldn’t play after downloading it. Anyone else having problems with the app?


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