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T-Mobile is giving away 730 Galaxy S4s to celebrate the announcement of JUMP


Two year contracts have been a staple of the major carriers here in the US, but with T-Mobile’s recent un-carrier efforts, their contracts are a thing of the past. And as AT&T and Verizon lengthen their upgrade times from 20 months to 24, T-Mobile is busy unrolling Un-carrier 2.0, which includes their new JUMP program.

JUMP is a service that you pay $10 a month for, and 6 months after signing up, you can upgrade again to any phone you like. You hand in your old phone and stop paying for the payment plan on it entirely. Then, you can upgrade in the same way twice a year, whenever you want. That fee also includes theft, loss, and damage insurance, so you’re protected from damaging, losing, and not liking your phone.

Part of the reason they introduced this is because they say two years is too long to wait. CEO John Legere went on about how ridiculous it is, and we agree. Now they’re starting a social media campaign called #Hate2Wait, which allows people to tell T-Mobile why they hate to wait for their two year contracts to expire. And the best part about this campaign is that they’re giving away some devices. Samsung Galaxy S4′s to be exact, and a whopping 730 of them. One for every day you wait in a two year contract.

To win one, you’ll have to tell your story of why you think two years is too long to wait for an upgrade on Facebook or Twitter/Instagram/Vine, mentioning T-Mobile along the way. You’ll need to use the hashtag #Hate2Wait and use any media you like, whether it’s text, photos, or videos. You could win a Galaxy S4, or if you’re the first prize winner, you’ll get the phone, a year of service, and have your story featured in a national ad campaign by T-Mobile.

You should definitely enter and tell T-Mobile why you hate to wait. Hit the source link to check out the rules and to submit your story. And hey, tell us too! We’d love to know. Why do you think two year contracts are simply too long?

Source: T-Mobile

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