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Pebble smart watch available on BestBuy.com before many pre-orders received


It looks like the Pebble smart watch is facing a similar situation to the OUYA. The team behind the Pebble has announced that they have partnered with Best Buy to sell the accessories online. You can get them at bestbuy.com/pebble starting today, and if you don’t want to shop online, they will be available in stores starting July 7 here in the US.

Why is this a problem? Many people who pre-ordered the device on the Pebble website months ago have not received their devices. It’s pretty ridiculous that old pre-orders aren’t being fulfilled faster than the devices can come to stores. Regular people off the street can now have a Pebble faster than those dedicated enough to pre-order months in advance. Makes the pre-order a bit useless, no?

This is the same situation the OUYA faced, except instead of slower-than-retail pre-orders, the Kickstarter backers weren’t getting their devices. That’s quite a bit worse. However, that was allegedly due to a shipping issue. Still, these kinds of situations really hurt loyalty, so we hope the Pebble team can figure it out and make it up to those with pre-orders.

If you have not paid for your pre-order, you do not need to take action to cancel it. Just ignore it and go buy a Pebble if you want it sooner. If you have paid for your pre-order, they say it should be in Step 3 of the shipping process. Check your Pebble account for more details. And if you want to learn more, hit the source link and read the blog post. Are you upset because of this?

Source: Pebble

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