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HTC posts, pulls One mini teaser


We’ve seen a lot the HTC One mini. It’s been leaked countless times, and we even got another leak this morning! But it seems that HTC prematurely posted a new teaser for the device. Of course, it was promptly taken down, but not fast enough for people not to notice.

They posted an infographic that never specifically mentions the One mini, but talks about small things that pack a big punch. It’s filled with a bunch of arguably cool but useless facts, so if you want to take a look, here it is:


It’s also coupled with this text:

The HTC One, by many accounts, is the pinnacle of smartphone achievement. The beautiful metal design, powerful hardware and innovative user experience pack a lot into a svelte package, making it hit with critics and consumers alike. This success has only boosted our passion to bring the One experience to as many people as possible.

In that spirit, here’s an homage to little things that back a big punch.

Can you think of anything else that packs a big punch into a small package?

This was no doubt about the HTC One mini. What else does HTC have that’s so small (besides profit margins? ZING!)? Plus with its quick takedown, it was obviously not meant to be posted so early. However, the fact that it was finished and ready to post probably means that the announcement of the HTC One mini is close at hand. Would you get a smaller, lower-end version of the HTC One? Or, even better, would you ever buy a device that’s not completely high-end? Leave a comment!

Update: HTC has now officially posted this infographic to their website. Might as well. The Internet never forgets.

Via: Android Police

Source: HTC Blog (dead link)

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