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Pebble announces 275,000 smartwatches preordered


Pebble has set itself up as the smart device to beat this year. Just announced today, preorders for the Pebble smartwatch have topped 275,000, and watch app downloads have topped one million; An amazing feat for a small company started on Kickstarter.

Rumors that everyone from Google to Apple will be releasing their own smartwatch this year are old news, but Pebble has a huge head start. Despite production and distribution problems, Pebble has managed to snag 275,000 preorders for their e-ink smartwatch. 85,000 of those preorders are from Kickstarter, all of which should be fulfilled this week, and 190,000 come from after the Kickstarter campaign closed. Online orders combined with a growing retail presence has put Pebble in a dominating position in the market, one they’re not going to squander.

Along with detailing just how successful their smartwatch has been, Pebble also announced today that it is fully committed to providing a robust ecosystem of apps, doing what is takes to foster development for their platform. This includes giving developers “deeper” access to all of the Pebble smartwatch’s features, making apps more functional and unique.

For major companies coming looking to enter the smartwatch this race this year, finding the winning recipe that lead to the overwhelming success of Pebble is going to be hard to pin-point, but there are plenty of reasons to love the watch. Low maintenance with infrequent charging intervals, a relatively inexpensive price, cross-platform compatibility and a wide variety of apps are just a few reasons why people love Pebble. Now that the Pebble smartwatch has gathered steam, it’s going to be hard to slow it down.

Source: The Next Web

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