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Verizon rumored to launch VZ Edge upgrade program


After Verizon changed up its upgrade policy a few months ago, it appears that it has a new upgrade program in the works. Said program is reportedly set to be dubbed VZ Edge and appears to be a program to compete with T-Mobile’s new JUMP! program. If Droid Life is to be believed then we can expect this new program to launch on August 25 and tie in with Verizon’s new device payment plan.

VZ Edge Leak

What VZ Edge appears to be is a program to allow customers to upgrade to a new phone if 50% of the cost of their previous phone has already been paid. In short, it’s a way to avoid signing into new contracts that can be easily combined with the device payment plan. In fact, it appears that it will probably only be available to customers who are using a device payment plan. The device payment plan was a good idea and probably would have been fine on its own but we won’t say no to this new program if it allows for even faster upgrades.

In fact, you could, in theory, upgrade much faster with this program than you could on T-Mobile JUMP! but the problem is that you would most likely (definitely) pay significantly more with VZ Edge. And another plus for Verizon customers, this method would keep you from signing into new contracts. We assume that like the device payment plan, VZ Edge would also allow you to keep your unlimited data by buying the phones at full retail price.

Of course, you’re still getting a better deal on T-Mobile with both its plans and the new JUMP! program. But you have to consider that Verizon has long been known to be very tight fisted about upgrades and you’re also getting a far superior network to what T-Mobile offers. At the very least, it could be a step in the right direction for Verizon becoming more consumer oriented.

What do you think of the rumored VZ Edge?

Source: Droid Life

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