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WSJ: Google to promote Moto X with $500 million marketing campaign – device heading to all major US carriers this fall

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While we’re still waiting for the official Motorola Moto X unveiling, it’s nearly impossible to go 24 hours without a new rumor of leak hitting the internet. According to the Wall Street Journal, “people familiar with the matter” claim that Google is willing to let Motorola shell out upward of $500 million to promote the Moto X in North America and Europe when the device hits the market this fall. These sources also claim the massive marketing push was enough to convince all four major US service providers to add the Moto X to their smartphone lineups. Google’s influence over the development of the Moto X was also pivotal in reducing the number of carrier bloatware apps which will be pre-installed on the device.

The WSJ piece confirms the Moto X engraving and case customization options which would allow users control over the look of the back panel and trim. No details are given regarding the handset’s specifications, but quite a few sources seem to agree that most components from the Moto X will be on par with those of the Nexus 4 with the exception of a handful of low-power processors and sensors which will allow “contextual awareness” at all times.

Personally, I have not been too invested in all the Moto X hype over the past few months. If you simply look at the rumored specs, the Moto X falls flat when compared to the Samsung Galaxy S4 or HTC One. But every story seems to ignite a small spark of interest. My hope is that Google and Motorola are still holding a few cards which will make the Moto X the “must-have” smartphone of the fall.

Despite its perceived shortcomings, do you think the Moto X will change the playing field once it goes on sale this fall?

Source: WSJ

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