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Samsung teases new Exynos 5 Octa, coming next week

Exynos 5250

Samsung’s in-house Exynos line of processors have been absolutely fantastic. While many can’t see the difference between current Exynos processors and Snapdragon processors, there are some important differentiators. (The biggest one to me is sound quality, as most Exynos devices have wonderful Wolfson Micro amps). Plus, back in the day of poor-performing Tegra 2 and Snapdragon S3 processors, Exynos was king of performance.


Samsung already has an octacore processor (technically two sets of quadcores, but still all kinds of awesome), and it looks like the company is going to make it even better. The Samsung Exynos Twitter account posted this image, saying that a new version of the Exynos 5 Octa is coming next week. It’ll be enhanced but will share the same name.

Looking at history, Samsung has always created an Exynos processor and improved it in some way soon after. Whether it be double the cores (in the case of the Exynos 4) or LTE capabilities, Samsung always steps up its game with the second version of its processors. Uusually it’s the second iteration that comes to the US, due to the inclusion of LTE. Is this part of the “enhancement” Samsung is teasing?

Luckily, it seems that there will also be improvements to the performance. Samsung states that this new version will be more powerful than the previous one, so we can expect it to blow the competition out of the water in benchmarks. Samsung really knows how to make a processor.

With great audio, blistering fast performance, the possibility of LTE and a US launch, are you excited for this next Exynos processor? Will this new octacore processor influence your purchase of the Galaxy Note III?

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