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Chromecast update kills AirCast, other third-party streaming methods

Google Chromecast

It looks like Google’s intentions for the Chromecast aren’t quite as open as they are for Android. As you know, Koush recently started releasing beta versions of his AirCast app, which allowed you to stream local content and content stored in your Dropbox and Google Drive to your Chromecast. However, the latest update for the device has killed off third-party streaming, including AirCast.

Koush, developer of AirCast, talked about this issue on Reddit and Google+. He says that Google has been disabling third-party streaming intentionally to keep a tight reign on Chromecast, just like they do with Google TV.

Heads up. Google's latest Chromecast update intentionally breaks AllCast. They disabled 'video_playback' support from the ChromeCast application.

Given that this is the second time they've purposefully removed/disabled the ability to play media from external sources, it confirms some of my suspicions that I've had about the Chromecast developer program. The policy seems to be a heavy-handed approach, where only approved content will be played through the device. The Chromecast will probably not be indie developer friendly. The Google TV team will likely only whitelist media companies.

I'd strongly suggest holding off on buying a Chromecast until we can see how Google chooses to move forward on third party applications.Koushik Dutta

He also discusses how Google has responded that they want to release the public SDK soon, but until then, streaming apps will have to be whitelisted. These apps will probably be from big companies, and until Google releases the public SDK, the device will stay locked down. This will make a lot of people upset, especially those who bought it to mess around with it.

It’s too bad to see Google taking such a stance, but it’s most likely to win the favor of big companies that are letting Google license their media. Not that this kind of thing is a rarity, but it still sucks. So until then, don’t buy a Chromecast with the intention of hacking it. We’ll inform you if Google changes their policies. Owners of the Chromecast, does this make you regret your purchase?

Source: Reddit, +Koushik Dutta
Via: Android Police

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