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LG designing new tablet that’s “just right” for you


About a week ago, one of LG’s execs gave an interview where he talked about all sorts of things LG was cooking up in its not-so-top-secret labs. One of those things was a new tablet slated for release by the end of this year. And as with the G2, it seems that LG isn’t too shy about us knowing about it before it’s released. In fact, LG is asking people a question, “What would make a tablet just right?”

LG hit the streets in its latest teaser, asking this very question to real people. LG went to the UK, and the people interviewed have rather charming British accents. Whether that’s an indication of where the tablet is to be released, we don’t know. But we do know that if LG listens to what these people actually said, we could have a very practical tablet on our hands.

A common theme among people was portability. Many of them wanted it to fit in their pocket or bag and a couple said that they don’t carry their current tablets with them nearly as much as they thought that they would. But one of the other big things was the screen size. It seems that consumers would rather not compromise on the screen size of their tablet; they want something that’s portable and yet has a large enough screen to watch a movie on or show things to multiple friends. One person in particular mentioned the viewing angles and commented that she didn’t want to have to tilt the screen all over for her friends to see it.

All these points make sense, and we certainly agree with them. Judging by the screen size that LG has chosen, 8.3-inches, we’re going to hazard a guess and say that it was the largest size LG could manage without it being uncomfortable or unable to fit into your pocket. I myself have always preferred a slightly larger tablet than 7 inches; 8.9 inches has long been quite possibly the perfect size for a tablet. An 8.3-inch screen sounds comfortable and roomy to me. Big thumbs up to LG for choosing that screen size.

The interviewees also mentioned that they’d like the ability to control your TV, which is becoming increasingly popular in phones and tablets. Many also said that their tablets were family devices. So, it would be great if LG designed the G Pad 8.3 to be easy to share. At the end of the day, we’re actually excited to see what LG has to offer with this new tablet.

What would make a tablet just right for you?

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