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New Nexus 7 experiencing issues with multitouch

Like all Nexus devices, the new Nexus 7 tablet has had an interesting life since initial launch. Days before it was to be released, retailers started selling them to the public. I picked a Nexus 7 up for a friend two days before the official launch date, and the only store that wasn’t sold out was 45 minutes away. We doubt Google was happy, but the Nexus 7 had a very strong start. But then, the problems started.

First we found out that the Nexus 7 lacks an NFC secure element, making Google Wallet payments impossible. Then, the factory images and binaries were held hostage. This caused JBQ, the AOSP maintainer, to announce his decision to step down from this position. These images were posted soon after, luckily. Then we found out that many people are having a problem with their GPS cutting out randomly, often making navigation impossible. What else could go wrong?

Now it seems that some people are having multitouch issues. When trying to use this function, the touch screen goes crazy and starts registering taps everywhere. While we don’t know what the problem is, an interesting theory is that there is a grounding issue with the display. Plugging in a USB cable and touching the metal on the end fixes the issue, as long as you’re holding onto it of course. This is just a theory so far, but it seems like it could be true. It could also simply be a lowered voltage for the digitizer causing the screen to freak out. This issue could be fixed with a simple update.

It’s unfortunate to see Google release a product with so many bugs. Sure, bugs are a normal part of any device launch. No one is immune to them, but Google has been extra unlucky (or negligent). Android And Me staff are aware of the issue, so we’ll bring you news as it comes. Are you experiencing phantom touches on your device? Is it severe? Tell us in the comments!

Source: Android Police

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