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Sony lens camera prices leaked, QX100 may be $450

Sony QX10 Xperia Z

Remember the Sony lens cameras that were leaked a while ago? They’re a pretty innovative product that’s basically a lens, camera sensor and processor in a package that attaches to your phone. The phone acts as the display and control for the lens, allowing you to take far more professional quality photos from a smartphone. Pretty awesome, right?

The biggest concern with these devices was the price. The higher-end QX100 has the same 1-inch 20.2 megapixel sensor as the Sony RX100M II camera, so it has to be expensive with that kind of shooting equipment. And according to info given to Sony Alpha Rumors, the device will be around $450. While that seems expensive, it’s a massive $300 less than the RX100M II camera itself, and you’re still getting the lens, processor, sensor and connectivity options built in. Basically, most of the camera.

Taiwanese site ePrice set prices for both the attachments, including the lower end QX10. Their price for the QX100 is a bit higher, at NT$14,900 or $498USD. The QX10 is priced at NT$6,900, or $230 USD.

For the image quality of a $750 camera with a 1-inch sensor, paying $450 and having the pleasure of using your large-screened smartphone to take photos could easily be worth it for many. Instead of lugging around a camera, just bring a lens and clip it onto any Android or iOS smartphone. Plus, the lower end option will suit those who want great photos on a budget (assuming it performs). Would you buy one of these attachments for such a price?

Source: Sony Alpha Rumors, ePrice

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