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Android trumps iOS in latest reports; Apple still top smartphone brand


Time for another round of statistics and figures to feast on. In this latest report by Nielsen, we’re still seeing that Android trumps iOS as the number one smartphone operating system in the US. It’s a fairly significant gap, as well. Android sits at 52% and iOS at 40%. But things are a bit different when it comes to the manufacturers. As Android devices are made by many different manufacturers, the love gets spread a bit thinner across them. Apple is still the top smartphone manufacturer in the US with the same 40% of marketshare. Samsung follows Apple up at 24.7%, and HTC claims third place at 9.4%. Motorola was close to HTC at an even 9%, and LG came in at 7%.

As a whole, there’s nothing really unexpected here. Android and iOS have both plateaued and are riding steady. We all know that Apple is by far the biggest manufacturer in the States and Samsung’s second place spot is entirely expected. It’s good to see that we haven’t seen Android decline at all like some analysts have predicted it would.

What do you guys make of these findings?

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Source: Statista

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