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Full length HTC ‘Change commercial’ goes up a day early – can you please explain it to us?

12 months ago 18

Hours after a leaked clip of HTCs new change ad hit the web, HTC has posted the full commercial to its YouTube channel. As promised, Robert Downey Jr. takes the lead with his “subversive thinking.”

The two minute commercial drags us through various ad concepts which play off the HTC acronym. The assortment of “Hipster Troll Carwash,” “Hot Tea Catapult,” “Humongous Tinfoil Catamaran,” “Hold This Cat” and “Happy Telephone Company” sequences are probably just a quick look at a handful of full-length commercials which will probably be a lot more entertaining on their own – we hope.

While HTC was the leader in the Android space for a few years, most people in the US didn’t know the HTC name. They were buying an EVO, a myTouch or a DROID. The new HTC “Change” ad campaign may be some people’s first introduction to the “Happy Telephone Company.” It may not be ideal, but HTC would rather have people ask “did you see that weird HTC commercial? What the heck as that?” than not have anyone talking about the brand at all.

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For now, the only word we can use to describe the full two minute commercial is “odd.” If “HTC, it’s anything you want it to be,” what does the name mean to you?