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Leaked HTC One Max picture shows off size, new hardware features

12 months ago 9

The HTC One Max has been leaked in a handful of pictures, but this latest one gives us a very good idea of the handset’s size. The device is lined up with the HTC One and the One mini. The HTC One Max looks massive compared to the two other phones, but that’s to be expected due to the handset’s rumored 5.9-inch display. What’s more surprising is that the image shows off two hardware features on the back of the HTC One Max that have not yet been mentioned.

The first is a black panel below the camera. We could be looking at an infrared port or fingerprint scanner. The second looks to be a pin connection similar to what we’ve seen on the HTC One X, Nexus One and several other HTC devices. The┬ápin connection could be used for charging and automatic Bluetooth syncing for a desktop dock or car mount.

Do you think these minor hardware tweaks will help make the HTC One Max more appealing despire the handset’s massive size?