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LG launches balloons with G2 vouchers, 20 people hurt by BB guns

LG G Baloons

LG wanted to launch the new G2 with a fun event where people could get a free device. So, the company attached vouchers for free devices to helium balloons and let them go into the air. LG probably expected people to go on a hunt for vouchers once the balloons lost enough gas to drop. However, that isn’t quite how things turned out.

Some brought BB guns to the event in hopes of shooting down the balloons. But as you can imagine, BB guns in a competitive event is never a good idea. In the end, 20 people were shot with BB guns, so LG cancelled all future similar events.

And though this wasn’t at all LG’s fault (except for a lack of critical thinking), the company will cover the medical expenses for those who were hurt. That’s good of LG, and we’re glad to see it handle the situation well. It’s just sad that an event had to go so wrong. But hey, at least real guns weren’t involved. What would you do for a free LG G2?

Source: Engadget

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