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Motorola’s magic trick: sizing up the Moto X

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With all the Motorola Moto X news that we pushed out yesterday, one of the device’s most astounding features didn’t get much attention: its size. Technically, the Moto X is a mid-range Android phone that carries a price comparable to the Samsung Galaxy S4 and HTC One. Tech enthusiasts may find that a bit off-putting, but we suggest you take a look at a few numbers before you completely write off Motorola’s new device.

Like the HTC One, the Motorola Moto X features a 4.7-inch display, but there is a huge disparity in size between the two phones. The Moto X is about 1mm thicker than the HTC One, but it’s a good 8mm shorter and 3mm less wide. Comparing the Moto X to the HTC One may not be a fair comparison, because HTC’s device sports front-facing speakers above and below its display. But the size of the X becomes even more apparent when it’s lined up against the HTC One mini, the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the S4 mini. Motorola has found a way to cram a 4.7-inch display into a chassis that’s smaller than the HTC One mini.

moto-x-phone size-chart


If Motorola does release a cheaper version of the Moto X, we can assume it’ll come with a smaller display and an even smaller chassis. A smaller Moto X with the same design and a 4.3-inch display would out-mini the Samsung Galaxy S4.┬áThe Moto X may not have a fancy new processor, but Motorola has managed to create an incredible looking phone with decent specs and a highly customizable experience that is substantially smaller than devices with similarly sized displays. In a perfect world, the phone’s price would be a bit lower, but we honestly think the Moto X will be a hugely popular phone for the second half of 2013.