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Verizon HTC One bootloader no longer unlockable


It was a good day, but now it’s over. The Verizon-branded HTC One is following in the footsteps of the DROID DNA. When the DNA was launched, it could be officially bootloader unlocked at People were shocked that Verizon allowed HTC’s bootloader unlock tool to work on their devices. However, it was short lived, as Verizon blocked the use of the bootloader unlocking tool for all customers.

Strangely, Verizon didn’t seem to learn its lesson. The HTC One was released so many months later than any other carrier launched theirs that they should have had plenty of time to prepare. But someone forgot to block HTCDev’s bootloader unlocking tool. New HTC One owners could go to the site and get their bootloader unlocked when they purchased it yesterday.

Unfortunately, Verizon finally got around to blocking the tool. Now, you will not be able to unlock your bootloader through official means. This should have been and was expected, but it’s still sad to see carriers taking such a customer-unfriendly stance on device modding. I personally despise this move by Verizon and similar moves by AT&T, but tell us what you think about locked bootloaders! Do they bother you, or are they not a big deal? Leave a comment!

Source: Droid-Life

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