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Verizon Wireless ranked highest in network quality by JD Power


JD Power has released a study on network performance, quality and coverage across the US. For the most part, the results are predictable. The study compared normal carriers to prepaid carriers and found that network quality is significantly better with regular carriers, especially in regards to call quality and data reliability. Obvious, right?

But when comparing the carriers in every one of six regions between January and June of 2013, Verizon Wireless comes out as the definitive winner in five of those regions. Only in the North Central region does Verizon not come out on top, but instead ties for first place with regional carrier US Cellular.

It’s becoming well-known fact that Verizon has the most reliable network in the US, with AT&T not far behind in many regions. However, Verizon’s service comes at a price. Not only is it fairly expensive, but they tend to lock down all of their phones. It makes purchasing from the customer difficult for many. Now let’s start a discussion: What is your favorite carrier and why? Mine is AT&T, due to great data speeds and GSM phones, but I’d love to know yours!

Source: JD Power

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