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Are you ready for a custom Motorola tablet?


The Moto X, in a purely spec based world, isn’t anything to brag about. Yeah, there are some handy software features, but being able to totally customize the color of the Moto X is the device’s real selling point. In a world of brightly colored Nokias and iPhones, the Moto X still manages to stand out by laying the customizations on thick. And Motorola could be bringing those same customizations to a tablet in the future.

Talking with Engadget, CEO Dennis Woodside revealed that Motorola is working on a tablet that would presumably fit right in with the Moto X. Woodside had, “nothing specific to talk about right now,” but it’s no secret that Motorola wants to put Moto Maker, and the X name, to further good use. We’ve already heard that Motorola is working on a more affordable Moto X, possibly for international consumption, and a higher-end spec-monster of a device. A tablet only makes sense as an addition to the lineup.

We’re particularly excited to see what the new Motorola can do with a tablet, especially considering the company’s legacy with large slabs. The Xoom is often looked back on fondly, but the Xyboards (it’s still hard to believe they actually released a product with that name) that followed it were a disaster. A Motorola tablet that retained the software features, design and customizations of the Moto X could be a huge hit. Especially if Moto were able to keep the price reasonable.

Source: Engadget

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