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Google Glass app store coming in 2014


With any new product comes risks. Google Glass is an always-on camera that’s ready to take a photo wherever you are. Because it’s wearable, it can be used in private places. Which makes it a privacy concern. Not so much because it can invade our privacy (many devices easily can), but because it’s new and people need to adjust to it. So when Google launches the device in 2014, we know it’ll be limited by the types of apps users will be allowed to install.

The latest news is that Google Glass will have its own app store, which will launch next year alongside the device itself. Apps from the Play Store will not be supported. This is to limit the kind of apps people can use on their Glass to prevent anything obscene until people get used to this technology. It won’t be locked down forever.

We don’t know if this app store will be part of the Google Play Store, or its own entity, but it’ll be a useful tool for users to look through Glass apps and for developers to publish them. Tell us, are you fine with Google keeping it a closed system for a while?

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Source: Marketing Land

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