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T-Mobile Moto X software update dramatically improves camera quality

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Just how important is the role software plays in making your smartphone photos look good? T-Mobile Moto X owners are finding out first-hand that it’s probably more important than you think.

Despite having a new Clear Pixel camera, which was supposed to give the Moto X an edge in photography, the Moto X is a major bummer in the camera quality department. At least it used to be. Motorola is rolling out a software update for the T-Mobile Moto X variant (we assume other models will be updated in time) that claims to improve camera quality. The update claims to include “enhanced auto-white balance performance and color accuracy. Improved exposure in outdoor and backlit scenes. Reduced noise in low light scenes.”

So does the update do what it claims? Droid Life has some excellent before and after pictures comparing very similar shots and the results are impressive. In nearly every shot, color accuracy and dull edges seemed to be dramatically improved. Where pictures looked washed-out and over-processed before, they look clean and rich now. If you had any reservations about buying the Moto X because of camera quality, you may want to rethink that. It’s still not the best camera out there, but it’s at least comparable now. Head on over to Droid Life to see all the comparison pictures, and let us know what you think.

Source: DroidLife

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