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Android fans may get their Lumia Nexus afterall

Lumia Nexus by Milanno Artworks Image via: Milanno Artworks

In a move we’re calling stranger than fiction, former Nokia executives are banding together to form a new company that will continue on in Nokia’s image, releasing handsets across the globe. The company, headed by Nokia’s former CEO Asia Pacific, Thomas Zilliacus, is going to be called Newkia, and Android is their platform of choice.

In an interview with Channel News Asia, Zilliacus revealed that he already has a handful of previous Nokia employees on board and that funding won’t be a problem. Apparently, when Microsoft first started making bids for Nokia, Zilliacus attempted to rally the necessary funds to purchase Nokia himself, presumably convincing investors that Nokia Android handsets would sell very well. He couldn’t match Microsoft’s offer, but is confident that investors will open their pocketbooks once again. Especially now that he would need less money than before.

Zilliacus is saying what Android fans have been saying all along. It’s not Nokia, it’s Microsoft. If Nokia were producing the same phones they have been, only running Android, the company would be in a totally different position today. While just how similar a Newkia device could be to a device like the Lumia 1020 is still murky, the details of Microsoft’s purchase seem to allow for Nokia to license out certain parts of their smartphones. So something like a Newkia Android device with a PureView camera is not out of the question.

As for when this would all take place, Zilliacus hopes to have Newkia up and running by the turn of the year. If everything were executed perfectly, by the 2014 holiday season we could be seeing exactly the kind of handsets Newkia plans on selling. But that’s a big if. Microsoft is now controls much of what made Nokia great. As mentioned above, Zilliacus says he has a healthy portfolio of former Nokia employees already committed to Newkia, but unless the company can find a way to release a handset that rivals the Lumia 920 or 1020 in nearly every way, he might as well not waste his time.

If Newkia does make good on their claims and brings something like an Android powered Lumia to market, I’m confident they’d find at least some level of success. I know I’d consider purchasing one.

Source: Channel News Asia

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