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BBM coming to Android on September 21


Is it finally the day? Are we dreaming? Will it matter? BlackBerry has finally announced a release date for BlackBerry Messenger going cross platform. It will be coming to Android on September 21 at 7 AM and to iOS on September 22 at 12:01 AM. Then we can all start chatting with our cross platform friends over what used to be the most coveted chat service in the world.

When I ask “Will it matter?” I don’t say it in a mean way. There is absolutely nothing wrong with BBM, but every piece of functionality it had mastered years ago has been done and done better by other services. With the lack of proper chatting services on other platforms, companies put a lot of effort into their new services. Google Hangouts came out fantastic, and really makes BBM a little useless.

But that definitely doesn’t mean that BBM won’t succeed. It actually has pretty good chances. It has an established brand name and a great reputation, even if that reputation is old. Adoption could skyrocket and use could explode for all we know. It may not be super likely, but it could happen. I know I’ll be downloading it and giving it a try.

But most importantly, would you try it for yourself? And what’s your favorite chat client? Leave a comment!

Source: CrackBerry

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