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CyanogenMod Installer gets explained, still requires a PC

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CyanogenMod has been gaining a lot of notoriety lately due to the recent changes happening around the software team. With CyanogenMod becoming an official company, it announced plans to push out an app that would make installing CyanogenMod easy. Thanks to, we now have an idea of how CyanogenMod Installer will work and what it actually is.

As it turns out, CM Installer isn’t just a one-click solution on your phone to installing CyanogenMod. In fact, most of the action doesn’t even take place on your phone. What happens is that you install the app from Google Play and it’ll guide you through the steps of loading CyanogenMod onto your device. It will then have a link to a website where you can download a PC app that will actually take care of the process.

While it may sound more complex than it should be, it’s fairly simple. Simple as in you plug your phone into your computer via the USB cable, get the desktop app all up and running and then follow the super easy instructions on screen. Primarily, you just click the “Next” button. As tested in’s video with a 2012 Nexus 7, it took about ten minutes to complete the entire process.

One thing that always needs to be remembered when flashing a custom ROM is that it’s going to wipe your device. Unless you back them up, all your photos, videos, music and apps will disappear from your phone. The original software will also part ways with you. While most experienced ROM flashers know this drill backwards and forwards, CyanogenMod Installer is also targeted towards newbies who might not be as aware of this fact.

At the end of the day, what’s happening is something that Android fans have long hoped for. Software switching is becoming even easier. That’s long been an appeal of Android for the technically inclined but it could also become a large feature for average consumers now. If more manufacturers follow in the footsteps of Oppo, we could see Android phones that have the option to easily switch between two ROMs. Maybe even dual-booting Android phones with different operating systems. A guy can dream, right?

Do you think that CyanogenMod has the potential to make ROM flashing mainstream?

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