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First Google Play vending machines launch in Tokyo, offer apps over NFC

Play Store Vending Machine 1

The Google Play Store seems like it’s a complete experience, but in reality, it’s missing a big feature. Who knew that feature was a dedicated vending machine? Google launched three vending machines designed to let people download Google Play apps, and all three are sadly in Tokyo Japan. We could have used one near Google headquarters!

The vending machines use NFC to communicate with your device. When you place your phone on the tray, you can start browsing the selection of 18 games on the large touchscreen. They range from free-to-play to paid apps, all of which can be sent to your phone. And if you don’t happen to have an Android phone on hand, there is a Nexus 4 to try out and play with.

But what’s the point? I don’t think there is one, other than promoting the Play Store and Android in Japan. The vending machines will promote apps to passersby and allow people another cool thing to experience. And while they aren’t very useful, I’d love to get my hands on one. They work with all devices that have Android 4.0+ and NFC, so most devices are applicable. Check out the gallery of the machines and tell us what you think of them in the comments!

Play Store Vending Machine 1 Play Store Vending Machine 2 Play Store Vending Machine 3 Play Store Vending Machine 4 Play Store Vending Machine 5 Play Store Vending Machine 6 Play Store Vending Machine 7

Source: Engadget

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