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Leaked Xperia Z1 f packs Snapdragon 800, 4.3-inch display

Sony Xperia Z1 f leak 1 - Copy

The mini versions of flagships have never been as good as their full sized counterparts. There are always big sacrifices to be made. The devices have worse processors, less RAM, worse cameras, and a worse overall experience. Lag is more prevalent, pictures come out worse, and it’s nothing like using the full sized device. If these newest leaks are legit, Sony may be aiming to change that.

These leaks are believed to be from NTT DoCoMo, a Japanese carrier, and they show off an unannounced phone called the Xperia Z1 f (SO-02F) next to the well known Xperia Z1 (SO-01F). It’s a 4.3-inch version of the Z1, looking very similar, but the sacrifices don’t go far past the bump down to a 720p resolution.

This small device packs a 2.2GHz quad core Snapdragon 800 processor, the fastest Qualcomm makes and the same one as its full sized counterpart. It also has the large 20.7 megapixel sensor the Z1 is known for. Other specs include 2GB of RAM, 16GB of storage, a 2,300 mAh battery, IP55/IP58 dust and water resistance, and a 9.4mm thick body. It’s also 5mm shorter than the (fairly large) HTC One Mini.

Not much else is known about this device, like a release date or whether it’s even real. Such specs in a small body are amazing and haven’t really been done so far, so we’re remaining skeptical. But we can definitely wish, because the Android world needs more smaller phones with beastly hardware. What do you think of this device?

Sony Xperia Z1 f leak 1 - Copy Sony Xperia Z1 f leak 2 Sony Xperia Z1 f leak Sony Xperia Z1 f leak 1

Via: Engadget

Source: Xperia Blog

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