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Samsung sells 38 million Galaxy Notes, creates the first popular phablet line


Samsung wasn’t the first to make a “phablet,” or a smartphone that was reaching tablet size. The Dell Streak was famous for being too large and becoming a commercial failure. Who could hold a five inch device? It’s ridiculous! But Samsung was the first to make the phablet truly popular.

The launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note was met with a lot of skepticism. Due to the large size and the archaic concept of the stylus, people didn’t think it would be a device category that would last long. However, it was a surprising success. The first Note sold very well and gained a lot of popularity, especially among regular folk who just loved having a large phone.

As of today, Samsung has sold over 38 million Galaxy Note devices. This includes the first two smartphones and two tablets. And we’re sure that the Galaxy Note 3 will sell even better than the others. What did you think when the first Note came out? Did you think it was a bad, niche product, or did you see it as useful? Leave a comment!

Source: Engadget

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